I was so excited when I saw the press release from ALA announcing the return of the Fun Run 5K and Walk at Midwinter in Dallas on Saturday, January 21 to encourage both personal and environmental health. When I found out one of my colleagues was going to Midwinter as well, I made immediate plans to participate in this race together! That might sound all fine and good for me, but what, if anything does this mean for you?
I’m guessing that many people have some kind of plan during conferences to keep up their exercise routine. Judging from how packed the workout rooms are at the hotels, especially in the mornings, I’d say it’s a big priority for many. It’s not necessarily a topic we talk about professionally because it can be so very personal and understandably so. Also there are many of us, due to temporary or permanent physical limitations that might be unable to work out like we want to, much less participate in a “fun” run. (I have an exercise instructor that reminds us every class when we’re sweating and in “pain”, to be thankful that we can work out in this way-and she’s right).

I bring up the topic here because I’m so passionate about it. It’s brought me closer to the teens at my library who are on the swim team or even have taken up yoga classes to relieve stress! I’ll admit that my colleagues and I are not above fitting in a downward dog or two at the reference desk when the days are long and we need a break ourselves.

We all take care of ourselves in different ways, especially at conferences when it’s a time to be curious, explore, and renew. If you’re even thinking about signing up for the Fun Run/Walk but aren’t sure if you should, feel free to share your comments here or start some conversations off list-especially with your teens. If they’re on the cross country team, they might have some tips for you and encouraging words. If you have other ways of staying fit during conference, please share as well! If you’re already signed up . . . . . It’s. So. On! My library can totally beat your library! I’m looking forward to see what the Think Fit @ ALA has in store for us!

About Kelly Czarnecki

Kelly Czarnecki is a Teen Librarian at ImaginOn with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. She is a member of the YALSA blog advisory board.

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