Title: Silent Film Director
Platform: iOS
Price: .99 cents

If your teens love the Instagram and Hipstagram for vintage effects for photos, The Silent Film Director application extends the back-in-time digital media porting to video.
The app might involve some trial and error to get the exact effect you’re after. You set the effects, the quality for export, soundtrack, and video time scale before importing the video.

The last option is especially fun, as you can slow down or accelerate video from 300% to a third of the original clip duration. Video effects vary from 20’s movie to vintage sepia, and 60’s and 70’s options are just-perceptibly tinted and appropriately grainy.

The soundtrack options include a range of built-in clips for nickelodean-worthy period sounds, but also allows import from the device’s iTunes library.

You can capture video from within the app, or load existing saved video files. The finished products can export at a variety of resolutions, from a mobile 192 x 144 to an HD-caliber 1280 x 720, with a caveat that better video will take a while to process.

You can share your magnum opus via output options include YouTube, Send to Facebook, Save to Device, or email. See a short example with Terah and Donald playing zombies.

Silent Film Director provides a super-easy way to get incredible effects for book trailers or other teen multimedia projects.

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