Geeks of all ages rejoice, the full version of Minecraft is out today!’  Minecraft creator Notch and’ the folks at’ Mojang’ ‘ are celebrating this release with gamers from around the world at MineCon in Las Vegas today and tomorrow.’  MineCon’s impressive agenda includes panels about gaming and sharing with implications that extend beyond Minecraft alone.’  The conference will be streaming live thanks to a partnership with IGN. Visit IGN’s Minecraft Event Hub for conference videos and more.

The full version of the game includes all kinds of exciting new features like enchantments, new items, new blocks, and new mobs.’  You can check out the full list of updates over at the Minecraft Wiki.

Next up for Minecraft, are versions of the game for XBOX 360, which will debut at MineCon, and a pocket edition that is now available for Android and iOS.

A new partnership between Teacher Gaming, LLC and Mojang to bring Minecraft to schools called MinecraftEdu will make things easier for libraries and schools who want to play and learn with Minecraft.’  MinecraftEdu offers discounts for buying licenses for multiple copies of the game and allows organizations to pay with purchase orders.’ 

To learn more about Minecraft, visit the official website at

My teens were feeling proprietary about their recent creations, so please enjoy this picture of a house built by my friend Ryan.



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  1. I am a parent of an avid Minecraft player everyday is Minecraft Day here in our home.

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