Get a pair of x-ray goggles that really work! While these may not see through a steel plate, they can see right through the Internet!

YALSA is pleased to host a demonstration of one of the Mozilla Foundation’s newest tools: the Hackasaurus web x-ray goggles. This javascript app gives teens – and anybody else – the tools to discover the rich world of code hiding just beneath the surface and gives them the ability to remix the web. By laying bare the HTML codes and providing an easy way to edit any content, the web x-ray goggles shows all those brave enough to put them on that Internet coding can be done by anybody.

If you’re cautious about coding, the Hackivity Kit provides plenty of ideas for programming with the goggles. Developed with the New York Public Library and other partners, it’s a perfect resource for building both STEM and Teen Tech Week programming at your library, available free of charge. Throwing a Hack Jam at your library gives teens the space and resources to imagine the web as they would like it to be, and to understand what they can do to build it. It also provides important insight into the rules of coding as well as a platform for experimentation and learning.

Join YALSA on Sunday, January 22nd at 8 am in Room 172 of the Dallas Convention Center for a hands on session with the goggles. If you can, please bring a laptop with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or IE9 installed. You can also pre-install the goggles by visiting ‘ and follow the Goggles link to get the installation started.

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