Title: Vogue Knitting
Platform:’ Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Cost:’ $3.99

I must make a confession. I am a craft project starter. My latest obsession is knitting. As a new knitter, I frequently start projects, but then get easily distracted or frustrated. Luckily, a friend clued me in to the Vouge Knitting App by SOHO Publishing Company and now I can call myself a craft project finisher!

Not only does Vogue Knitting keep track of multiple projects at a time, it keeps the details on your project: row counter, stitch counter, and any notes you made for reference.



One of the features I unexpectedly love is the ability to keep track of knitting supplies. Now when I see yarn or needles on sale, I can quickly check my stock and see if I need yet another skein of red yarn.






Though at $3.99, it is more expensive than apps I usually purchase, it has saved me money because I don’t need several stitch counters and I am not re-buying needles I have already purchased. The icing on this cake is that Vogue Knitting also offers how to’s in case you forget how to do something. This is great for a new knitter like me, or a knitter who is picking up the needles after a long absence.


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