As everyone in library services knows, things are tight. There have been layoffs, branch closures and reduced hours around the U.S. and in other countries. This is why advocacy is especially vital right now.

When some people think of advocacy they think of marching out to the state capitol building or meeting with legislators. But advocacy can be many things. For example, going to schools and talking about libraries and books is its own form of advocacy, as well as treating patrons with respect and care.

The YALSA’ Legislation Committee is looking for those unsung heroes, especially those who work with our young adults. With YALSA’s new Advocate of the Month initiative, you have the opportunity to acknowledge those who work in libraries or just love teens and libraries.

Each month a new advocate will be featured with their personal advocacy story. The first one will be next week. To show your coworkers and patrons that you recognize the hard work they do with teens and libraries please nominate an advocate here:‘ Thank you on behalf of the YALSA Legislative Committee.

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