Title: Oscars
Cost: Free
Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. iPad version requires iOS 4.2 or higher

home screen of Oscars appTeens interested in movies and the Oscars can gear up for the annual event (this year on February 26) with the Oscars app. The key to the app is the Backstage Pass feature that will be available the night of the Oscars. But, before that content is available there are still aspects of the app that are worthwhile as movie lovers of all ages prepare for the red carpet evening. These include:

  • A Twitter feed that includes posts with the #oscars hashtag. While the Oscars are still three weeks away, that doesn’t mean people aren’t tweeting about them. The feed is a good one stop shop for keeping up on Tweets about hosts, Oscar related events, and more.
  • My Picks, a section of the app where users can make their predictions of winners. Use of My Picks requires logging in with a Facebook username and password. However, the picks are not available to others unless the user turns on the Play with Friends component which makes picks visible to Facebook friends. There is also a countdown clock in the My Picks section which tells users how long until the ballot choices are locked in. A good idea in case a teen wants to change a choice along the way.
  • A video series called Oscar Dailies made up of short clips showing nominees in specific categories and providing analysis of the chances for each contender. Users of the app can watch all of the supporting actress or actor nominees at once and compare the performances. I can definitely see teens sitting around, watching the videos together, and debating who gave the best performance in their favorite movie.
  • Video of the announcement of the nominees for the 2012 Oscars.

Oscars app backstage page screenThe Backstage Pass is likely to be the big draw for teens interested in the Oscars. As reported in the Huffington Post, “On the big night, February 26, the app will host a dozen live feeds from the event captured by strategically placed cameras — including the thank you cam that gives winners an extended period of time to thank their supporters, or any of the other backstage cameras capturing behind-the-scenes action.” This section of the app will go beyond what teens can see in the network airing of the Oscars and is also likely to provide Facebook and Twitter worthy postings.

Any teen, or librarian, interested in movies will want to take a look at the Oscars app as they get ready for the big day on February 26.

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