We’re getting into the home stretch before the YALSA elections.’  Here’s a quick guide to getting ready for voting day. ‘ In the spirit of librarians everywhere, now is when you do the research to make an informed decision.

First off, if you haven’t already done so, refresh your memory on the requirements and descriptions for each elected position. YALSA President-Elect, Fiscal Officer, Secretary, YALSA Board of Directors and YALSA award committees are all decided in this election. ‘ Linda Braun explains the expectations for those on the Governance Slate’ here‘ and’ our colleague Dawn Rutherford has posted a helpful summary of the Award slate’ here.

The full slate of YALSA Election candidates is listed’ here.’ Each candidate has been interviewed by members of the 2012 Nominating Committee to help voting members to virtually meet each one and understand how they plan to tackle their work for each position. ‘ If you were unable to attend ALA Midwinter, you can listen to the interviews conducted at the Coffee with the Candidate event including those running for ALA Councilor, the YALSA Board, and YALSA President-Elect/President. ‘ The official podcast interviews with the Governance candidates are forthcoming, so keep an eye out for those on this blog.

Members of the Nominating committee are publishing’ text interviews with all of those running for the Excellent in Nonfiction Award Committee, the Margaret Edwards Award Committee, and ‘ the Michael L. Printz Award Committee.

All of these interviews are a great way to find information beyond the more standard biographies always included in the official ballot. ‘  Each will give you a solid picture of each candidate’s intentions and previous qualifying work. ‘ With five weeks until the election, you can pick two categories a week to read up on or listen to before voting starts. ‘ If you keep it simple and consider one category of candidate per week, you’ll still have two whole weeks to vote!

When the time comes for voting’ starting’ March 19th (and running through April 27, 2012)’ the ballot is set up to be straightforward.’  The ballot includes candidate information to remind the voter of each person’s past experience and qualifications. ‘ Candidate information includes: their current position; their previous positions; degrees and honors; ALA, state and regional activities; major accomplishments; publications; and in the case of Governance candidates, statements of professional concern. ‘ It’s a lot of information to weed through as you’re considering who to vote for during voting itself. I encourage everyone to start with the above resources to feel prepared when voting begins.

From there, all that’s required is sending in your vote before April 27th.’  Every YALSA member will be emailed a link to the ballot from ALA when voting begins, so all you have to do is click, sign in, and make your choices.’  Make them count!

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