Before I became a librarian I was a theater teacher. Even though I’ moved into’ a school librarian position I still taught theater for years. So it is no surprise that technology, arts, and libraries have all melded together. For this blog post I wanted to share some wonderful web tools that I have come across lately that might be useful in your libraries or that you might like to share with your teachers. They are great examples of where technology and the arts can come together for some good collaboration.

Visual Arts

Flockdraw: Free online collaborative drawing tool. Whiteboard based painting and drawing tool that makes it easy for groups to draw together or for individuals to work on their own.

Odosketch: Charcoal’ style online drawing tool. Create some fabulous art pieces with this site.

Creative writing

Springnote: Online notebook based on a wiki. Create pages and write alone or share with friends

One Word: Students will see a word at the top of your screen and you have 60 seconds to write about it.


Thinglink: ‘ Embed interactive links into any photograph.

All of these sites are free, some have a pro or premium level. They are fun to’ experiment with’ and students will enjoy trying them out. Choose one or two to try with your students if you have a lesson that they fit with.

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