Do you ever feel like you’re just treading water, rehashing your tried and true programs, recommending the same books, reusing the same lessons? Do you feel like a broken record as you try to manage your space or get teens’ attention? Now’s the time for spring cleaning, and not just the physical kind.

For the month of April, YALSA bloggers will be highlighting innovation in all its forms. Whether it’s rethinking the way you organize the stacks, finally giving your library a social media presence or allowing food in the teen section, innovation in your library doesn’t have to mean you’re trying to change the world–but why not change your world?

Each day bloggers will tackle a new innovation topic to help you take the first step in creating your new teen services. So stay tuned and don’t be afraid to jump into the comments section. Who knows what innovation your words will inspire?

About mk Eagle

I'm the librarian at Holliston High School, a bit west of Boston. In my spare time I advise my school's yearbook and Gay Straight Alliance, write about food, and root for the Red Sox.

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