My first school librarian’ position was in a library located in the very center of the school. It was literally in the middle, of the middle, of everything. So it is no wonder that I think of libraries being the center or the heart of a school. Libraries are a central place for learning, reading, technology, but they can also be’ the central location of arts and arts integration’ in a school as well.

There are so many ways that the school library can be used to showcase the arts. The libraries’ walls are perfect to feature student art, the shelves are fantastic to display student projects, sculptures, and other standing designs. If your library has open space, students have a location where they can perform music, theater, and dance. Along with all of the cool sites out there that can also be integrated, its pretty easy to bring the arts into your library. Below are a few examples of arts-based websites that you can use as well.

1. Odosketch: Students can create gorgeous charcoal style drawings on this site. Feature student art on library computers.

2. Flockdraw: This collaborative drawing tool lets students create art pieces together.

3. Storybird: Combine storytelling and art with this site. Have students create stories and then share them with their peers.

4. Vokle: Share live events with Vokle. Performances, concerts and more. (Know that this site is for older students. Broadcasters must be 13 years or older)

These are only a few sites that incorporate arts and technology. There are many more.’ They can be used as’ exciting new learning tools in your library. As a librarian who featured the arts in her library on a regular basis, ‘ I can tell you that having art, theatre, poetry, and more in your library is wonderful. It’s another way to show the library as a central focus point of the school. It offers librarians another way to collaborate with their peer educators and the students love seeing their work featured where everyone can see.

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