Title: Zombies, Run!

Cost: $7.99

Platform:’ Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.


I frequently say that I would not run unless being chased by a _____. The thing chasing me varies widely based on my mood, but recently I have been saying, “Not unless chased by zombies.” My husband came home from work a few weeks ago, happily handed me my iPod Touch, and told me to go for a run.

As I was walking (Our secret, okay?) around our neighborhood in the newly dark night, I suddenly heard a helicopter and then a crash breaking through my carefully selected, super-cheerful playlist. What was that? It got louder and then a voice-over came through instructing me that I had been in a helicopter crash and I must now run from zombies and gather supplies to gain protection from a town of healthy people! My thirty minute walk turned into a forty-five minute walk/jog as I spent the time getting away from the hoards of zombies and trying to gather supplies.


Though this app is a bit pricey, it did make my exercise more enjoyable and even encouraged me to actually jog and do so for longer than I would have. My favorite part of this app has not been the storyline, but the option to schedule zombie chases. Interval training has never been so exciting!

I highly recommend this app for seasoned runners and those less willing to leave the couch.


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