Title: Flashcardlet (also called Flashcards* in the App Store)

Cost: Free or $2.99 for no advertisements

Platform:‘ iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Finals and AP exams are almost (or already!) here for many of the teens we serve. Top-rated study applications can help students organize their notes and prepare for end of the semester tests. This week’s app, Flashcardlet, lets teens create, share, and use study materials anywhere.

There are several flashcard apps out there, but students that need more than text to study will appreciate Flashcardlet’s features. A step beyond the traditional pen and paper flashcard, this app allows you to view images. Create your own deck or download one from Quizlet.com to study SAT vocabulary, science and math diagrams, art history, or any other subject imaginable. If you find or make a study deck that will be useful for a friend, share it by using Dropbox or email.

After loading a study deck, you can select from a few options to customize your study experience.’  The cards can be displayed alphabetically, randomly, or in their original order.’  Filter the deck to display only starred or non-starred cards, or reverse the order in which a card displays (i.e. show the back first). You can also combine multiple card sets into a new, shuffled deck. ‘ 

Once you begin your study session, tap a card to view the answer or swipe to skip to the next card. You also have the option to view a searchable list of the entire deck.’  As you work your way through the cards, you can mark cards as mastered or flag them by starring.

A few adjustments could make this app even more useful:

  1. I strongly suggest paying the $2.99 fee to remove the advertisements.’  I found it difficult to ignore the colorful, little ads while flipping through lists of challenging vocabulary. For about the price of a pack of note cards, you will get an enhanced experience.
  2. Another improvement would involve both strengthening the share feature and increasing the ability to modify decks from other applications.’  Currently, share allows you to email or Dropbox a FCD file, which can only be opened with the Flashcardlet app. If your friends don’t have an Apple device with the app installed, you will not be able to share cards.
  3. Finally, audio support would be a boon for foreign language or music studies.

Some of these desired features are already supported by other flashcard apps, but unfortunately, it is hard to find one that offers them all (and for free). The Flashcardlet developers do have a poll where users can suggest future upgrades. With thousands of votes already cast, new tools like iTunes syncing, card categorization, and multi-sided cards may be coming soon.

Suggest this app to teens who are looking for mobile supported study methods or a way to practice vocabulary for the SAT.

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