App of the Week: iTranslate Voice

Cost: $0.99

Platform: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 3rd/4th generation, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.


I regularly hear the teens in my library grumble about their struggles in foreign language classes and having taken my share of Spanish classes, I can certainly relate. ‘ It’s hard to remember a word’s spelling let along the pronunciation when you can only see it written. So when I recently stumbled upon this wonderful app, I knew I could not keep it to myself. iTranslate is definitely not the only language translation app on the market, but I am willing to bet that it very well may be the best.

This app is not only visually appealing with its clean display, but it is also easy to use requiring minimal instruction. The iTranslate app delivers a user- friendly experience with its built- in familiar siri-type voice recognition. Simply speak into the microphone identified with the country flag you choose and listen as you get instant results that are read back in whatever language you prefer. If you prefer to type rather than to speak into the microphone, you may do that as well. This feature may also come in handy if you should need to edit text that the computer misinterpreted.


iTranslate has over 30 different languages to choose from and memorization is a snap with the share, copy, and speak options. The app does require Wi-Fi or 4G to connect, but let’s face it, that is easy enough to come by these days. When I told the teens about this app, they were happy to hear it was under a dollar and would serve as a great study companion for test and projects.


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