Title: SketchbookInk for iPad
Platform: iPad
Cost: $1.99 (limited time promotional pricing)

The SketchbookInk app offers a range of pen and ink emulating seven pens, all with varyiable thickness, as well as two erasers, with dozens of colors of ink. Using either your fingertips or a capacitive stylus, the software provides a visceral drawing experience in an electronic format. You can import an image to annotate or embellish, or choose a blank canvas. You can also have multiple projects working simultaneously.

Undo and redo features are handy for removing the last brushstroke, as is a clear canvas option for removing your work wholesale. Dragging and resizing features allow tremendous control over the range of tools.

You can save your drawing work to an in-app Gallery, send via email or to linked cloud storage accounts. At the limited time promotional price of $1.99, about the cost of a single marker, it is a terrific tool for the crafty or artistically inclined teen, rendering both additions or from-scratch creations with unusual fidelity.

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