Title: Minecraft Explorer Pro
Platform: iOS
Cost: .99




Tired of switching between windows as you pause your Minecraft game and open your browser to look something up on the Minecraft Wiki?’  This hand-held reference for your mobile device has all of the crafting recipes and mob facts you need, as well as an Enchantment guide, a Skin Studio (in app purchase of an additional 1.99), seed codes to type in for different map results,’  and a list of Minecraft servers, where you can keep track of your favorite places to play.’  The app includes links to the Minecraft Wiki for more detailed information, but is organized visually for quick browsing that is fast and user friendly.

Minecraft Explorer was created by British developers 57Digital, and is described as the officially endorsed Minecraft guide. A must-have for the obviously obsessed with Minecraft, such as myself, this app would also make a good addition to the collection for a librarian working with teens who love the game, or a gamer who is interested in learning more before making a purchase. (Minecraft is currently priced at $26.95)’  Minecraft Explorer is the app equivalent of a print gaming guide for a console game. It would be a perfect app to include in a list of recommendations, or for a collection of shared apps. (Still working on the idea of app collection development and how to share with teens, write me a note in comments if you are doing this or thinking about it).

I have been getting quite a bit of practical use out of this app in the computer lab with teens and kids during Minecraft sessions this summer because I can answer individual crafting questions while walking around the room.’  Even if you have no interest in Minecraft, the idea of a hand-held quick reference might lead you to look into apps on other topics that could provide this. A mobile device makes a difference when you are helping someone at a computer. You don’t need to take over, or leave to consult a second computer. The reference implications for mobile devices bear considering.

Have a suggestions for other quick reference apps? Leave a comment! Playing Minecraft with kids and teens in your school or library (or considering it)? Leave a comment!

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One Thought on “App of the Week: Minecraft Explorer

  1. I bought this app and as you said, it is very useful to use as a reference when teaching kids in a classroom! Thanks for sharing this.

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