Are you looking for ways that you and your library can participate in the upcoming District Days that are August 4-September 9?’ ‘  We know librarians are being pulled in many directions, so there is no need to plan a new event for the purpose.’  Here are a few ideas that will make it easy for you and your library to join in and promote teen services and ‘ libraries!

August is typically a month where Teen Librarians in public libraries are wrapping up Summer Reading Programs and if your library hosts a wrap up party then why not invite your elected officials to visit during that event?’  What better way to showcase all that librarians and libraries do for teens than highlighting a successful Teen Summer Reading Program.’  This not only demonstrates that teens are reading but using their local library!

While, the summer may be ending…the beginning of the school year may provide another way for both public and school libraries to participate in District Days.’  Do you host a “Back to school bash” or open house at your library?’  Invite your legislator to attend to showcase your services, highlight upcoming activities and even have a teen/student volunteer give them a tour.

Speaking of teen/student volunteers, do you have a Teen Advisory Board that helps plan activities, select materials, and more that meets once a month?’  Invite an elected official to attend the meeting, so they can see the positive impact teens have on your library.

Need some help planning the event?‘  Check out the District Days website,, it is a great resource for planning, tips, free handouts, and more to assist you!’  Make sure you promote the event heavily and designate a staff person to take pictures at the event.

What if these ideas don’t work?‘  Then participate as an individual by setting up a time to visit with your Congressperson at their local office.’  To find their local office, go to and then enter your zip code in the box on the light right side of the screen.

Whether your Congressperson comes to you or you visit their office, consider having a packet of information that you can give them.’  You may want to include your business card, facts and stats on your library, and upcoming events.’  Also, check out the YALSA’s Teens Need Libraries brochure and the State Fact Sheets‘ (state by state guides with information about how LSTA and Improving Literacy Through School Libraries funds have been used in each state).

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