By now it is likely you’ve heard about “District Days” and discovered we’re not talking about Hunger Games programming. If you haven’t heard, though, here’s what you’ve missed and how you can get involved!

District Days are the days when our representatives in Congress are in recess and return to their home districts–where their constituents live! This is a great time to act for teens in libraries! How will our representatives know libraries are important if we don’t tell them? In the digital age, who would even think about teens needing libraries? Now is the best time to let your congressional representatives know that teens do need libraries and they use them, too!

This year District Days run from August 4th through September 9th, which means there is still plenty of time to get the word out. Where do you begin, though? You can visit the YALSA District Days website for ideas at You can also find information there on why District Days are important, tips on getting an elected official to come to your library, and links to information and handouts you can share with your representatives. Looking for ideas on what to do other than handouts? Search the YALSA blog for “District Days” or “Advocacy” and get ideas right here! Or look to the wiki and see what others have done successfully. Be sure to share your successes with others, too!

Finding your representatives is easy. Just visit and enter your zip code in the box toward the lower right screen. Be sure to enter your library’s zip code so you get in touch with the right representative!

Don’t feel discouraged if your representatives can’t come for a visit, or if you are unable to make it down to their office for one of your own. The beautiful thing about District Days is that they happen every year, and even a phone call can make a difference.

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