Title: Process
Platform: iOS
Cost: 9.99
(It was recently marked down to 4.99 when it was included on the “App Store Essentials” list, but the discount price has ended.)

Most photo apps give you a selection of filters to choose from, with Process you can make your own.’  There is something reminiscent of’  darkrooms and f-stops as you turn the dial of each of several possible image adjustments. Each time you make adjustments to a photo you can easily add and remove different effects and see your changes in real time. Once you create a combination you like, you can save your “process” and apply it to other images.


The evil kitty and my godson are both enjoying a “process” I called Blue.

Your filters don’t have to be ostentatious. I also created a “process” to touch up brightness and contrast, which is one of the first things I would do to retouch an image in Photoshop (the program I used in my High School photography class) or another photo editing program.’  More serious digital photographers could create various filters for subtle adjustments like this.

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If you don’t want to make your own “process”, you can use one of many choices.’  Some are featured by the app, others are made popular by its users. This gives you a really huge selection of filters to choose from, which will be a draw for teens and librarians who love Instagram. There are also various’  sharing options for the social photographer to post to their networks.

Something I did not much like about Process was that it ran slowly and then it crashed my phone.’  Be sure to turn off the high resolution option in the info menu (the icon that looks like an “i”) to avoid this.’  Process warns that using high resolution can affect performance. But even after I turned it off it was not always showing the changes I made to my images in real time.

This app is fairly expensive and while I was intrigued enough to purchase it when it was on sale, I’m not sure if I would have spent the 9.99.’  It would be a great app for a collection of shared photography resources, perhaps on a classroom or library iPad. Does anyone have a photography club at their school or library?

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