Title: Calendars
Platform: iOS
Price: $6.99

In the back-to-school spirit, the YALSA blog is showcasing apps with particular academic applicability. Any introduction to study skills or time management will emphasize the importance of a systematically maintained calendar. For users of Google’s cloud-based calendar, Readdle’s Calendars product provides an interface that is intrinsically elegant and legible while also increasing the utility of the Google product.

A Google account is required for the application to function properly, but Calendars also supports local iOS device calendars. Whether on mobile handsets or tablet devices, Calendars enables you to move between appropriately scaled daily, weekly, monthly, or even annual views (more helpful than you would thinking in scanning for free time). You can pinch a cell on the calendar to see more details about appointments on a given day, the number of which are also visible on the App’s badge.

The amount of disparate calendar information displayed can be controlled through a selection list interface that easily allows you to hide or display color-coded personal or shared calendars. Calendars really shines in the quick addition of new events. Handy features allow you to choose a date on the calendar months or event years ahead with a few taps, and choose stop-and-start times for events down to five minute intervals.

Occasionally, Calendars may require manual syncing. The only real enhancement recommendation I can think of would involve more options to manipulate the lists within the Tasks option, the only aspect of Google’s product with reduced functionality through Calendars.

It may not seem necessary to invest in an improved interface for the Google product, but the ease of adding and manipulating events can make Calendars a worthwhile investment for productivity junkies. Readdle does provide responsive customer support. When I contacted them about my subsequent loss of access after activating Google’s two-step authentication process, they responded within 24 hours with helpful information about generating a one-time access code. It might be worth paying for that responsiveness.

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