Title: Slender-man

Platform: ‘ iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later

Price: $0.99

Slender-man is a game created in July of 2012 based on the legend of the Slender-man, who is known to only be seen by children just before he reaches out and grabs them. This game has developed a cult following of teens and tweens everywhere and in particular, at my library. I was first introduced to this game over the summer when I noticed a group of kids playing it on a computer. Suddenly, they all jumped back and screamed. As the screen went fuzzy, an image of a thin man’s face appeared on the blinking monitor. “If you see that, that basically means you have lost the game.” One of the teens informed me.

You see, the point of the game is to wander around in the woods in utter darkness aside from the dim light shone from your flashlight, trying to find 8 manuscripts or “pages.” The “pages” look like post- it notes and have random sentences and sayings scrawled across them. You must collect all 8 before the Slender-man gets you; if you fail to do so, you lose the game and the haunting image of the thin Slender-man appears on the screen. The concept is so simple, yet it works and the teens in my library love it!

On July 5th, the game started out as a free downloadable computer game that you can get here and I was happy to see that the game was released as an app on September 27th. You can buy this app for just under a dollar. Even though the game is free to download online, charging a dollar for the app seems fair and affordable for teens. I know that teens will want to purchase it for their iPods and mobile devices for playing while on the go.

The controls are hard to get used to initially, because the gamer basically needs to use his or her two thumbs to navigate through the woods with each joystick. One is used as a directional to go forward and backwards and the other is used to turn side to side. Once you get used to the controls, the rest is easy. The user interface is very similar to the computer game and everything looks basically the same. I would recommend this game to teens and young adult librarians; it’s just the right amount of scary and just in time for Halloween!

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4 Thoughts on “App of the Week: Slender-man

  1. What a terrific app! Thanks for showing off that one, Erica.

  2. I jumped back too, I downloaded slenderman shadows though :/I

    I thought it wasn’t scary..but when I got spotted by him. I screeched like a banshee…

  3. Carrie on February 2, 2013 at 3:51 pm said:

    I bought the app and thought it wasn’t so bad till I was in the graveyard…then I saw him.

  4. OMG this seems fun I’m going to download it this instant yay thnx very much

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