One of the reasons I give my time, energy, and money to YALSA is because I cannot do my job all by myself. Without Pinterest, listservs, or webinars and conferences, I would not know what to do with and for the teens that I serve. I would have a few ideas, naturally, but I wouldn’t know what is tried-and-true in Kentucky, or not popular anymore in Ohio. YALSA allows me to give, to take, and learn.

Today I am asking YALSA to give. I belong to the newly-created 365 Days of YA Task Force, and we need your ideas. 365 Days of YA is a YALSA Task Force charged with creating a calendar of easy to implement ideas for programs, services, and activities for teens. These are simple ideas that can be used by anyone working with youth in libraries. Ideas relating to YALSA resources, using technology, or encouraging teen participation in libraries are encouraged but we want to hear about any program, service, display, or activity that has been a hit with your patrons.

If you have anything to share, please email the task force at No idea is too small, too big, or too simple. Help us fill the calendar with great programs for the teens we all love to serve.

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