Title: House of Horrors Movies — Great Halloween Movies
Platform: iOS and Android
Cost: .99 for iPhone and Android, $1.99 for iPad version

Are you or your teens staying in this Halloween? Share some classic Hollywood scares with this App which streams full-length feature films.

App developed Fling Soft has made a range of classic horror and suspense films easily accessible on mobile devices. Each film can be viewed over both data or wifi connections, or added to a queue within the software for later consultation. Menus offer quick access to thirteen early Hitchcock movies, thirteen starring Bela Lugosi, and a dozen with Boris Karloff.

The collection is chock-full of B-movies, but there are some gems as well, including Vincent Price’s 1959 House of Haunted Hill, the 1922 Murnau version of Nosferatu, and Hitchcock favorites The 39 Steps, Jamaica Inn, and The Lodger. I personally enjoyed The City of the Dead (above), a pulpy 1960s flick about a student researching witchcraft.

Most of the films are public domain works freely available online, but this curated collection of silver screen classics is a nicely assembled and very seasonal delight.

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