Friends! What with Fall Exec, the YA Lit Symposium a whole lot more, the past few weeks have been super duper busy for me and all of YALSA. Here’s what we’ve been up to, but if you want to read about all of YALSA’s activities, be sure to read our eNewsletter, emailed directly to your inbox the second Tuesday of every month:

Key Activities:

Coordinated with Valerie Davis, chair of the Virtual Selection/Awards Manual Committee, to build out the first draft of the the manual which will launch after Midwinter 2013.

Attended the first meeting of the National Forum on Youth Services in Libraries Advisory Board meeting.

Met with ALA President Maureen Sullivan, Beth Yoke and Linda Braun to plan out the agenda for the upcoming National Forum on Youth Services in Libraries in Seattle.

Along with Shannon Peterson, led the 2012 ALA Fall Executive Committee meeting with the YALSA Executive Committee. You can find our agenda items and notes here.

Also at Fall Executive Committee meeting, along with the other ALA Division Presidents under the direction of Maureen Sullivan, led a series of discussions around Re-Envisioning ALA with the full ALA Executive cadre, including executive committee members from all divisions, several ALA staff members and various board members.

Worked with Carrie Kausch and the 2012-13 President’s Program Taskforce to identify top programs for teens in libraries. Got a program to submit? Use this form and win some $$$ for your awesome programs

Outreach and Media:

Interviewed by the Chicago Times about the impact of television on current reading trends.

Penned a Teen Read Week piece for the Huffington Post Book blog site.

Thank you:

A big shout out to the Virtual Selection/Awards Handbook Committee for knocking out a first draft of the manual so quickly.

Thanks to Karin Perry for hosting a fabulous Tweet-Up in October on Teen Read Week.

Thanks to the YALSA Executive Committee for their steadfast dedication and for their contributions such great ideas to our conversations.

Thanks to Rosemary Honnold and the fabulous Teen Read Week committee for launching such an amazing week of teens and reading. We had 2928 registrants who participated!


In September 2012, we raised $525.00: $10.00 for the Morris Endowment, $60.00 for the Leadership Endowment and $430.00 for Friends of YALSA.

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