Ever wonder what’s going on with the Division? A ton of great information can be found under the “Working with YALSA” portion of the website.’  The minutes from the YALSA Board and the YALSA Executive Committee meetings (as well as supporting documents) can be found’ there in the Governance section.

working with yalsa

Check out the draft Board minutes from Midwinter’ here‘ and draft Exec Committee minutes here.

Sarajo Wentling

Secretary, YALSA Board of Directors

2 Thoughts on “YALSA Board and Exec Minutes from Midwinter

  1. One quick question: I see from the docs that YALSA’s name is being discussed (among others, “Does YALSA’s name clearly and accurately communicate what the organization does?”)

    Are these discussions also about changing the age group that YALSA serves, or it is just a name change?

    And have the discussions included any type of cost-benefit analysis for the costs in changing names (advertising, brand, labels, logos, etc)?


  2. Jack Martin on February 22, 2013 at 6:29 am said:

    The YALSA Board discussion about changing YALSA’s name was very preliminary. The only decision that was made as a result of the conversation was to have more conversations with YALSA members, stakeholders and more. The question of changing the age group that we serve did not come up. And, we haven’t drilled down as far as considering cost-benefit analysis, advertising, brand, logos, etc. Should we decide to move forward with this, all of those pieces would need further discussion. We’re still in the information gathering phase, but if you have ideas, please shoot them our way! Thanks for this comment.

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