You’ve seen the slate of candidates, but want to hear more from the nominees for YALSA President and the YALSA Board?’ We’ll be talking with those individuals this week and next here on the YALSAblog.

Candidates, who will be presented in alphabetical order, were asked to contain their responses to a twitter-ish 140 characters, but I know their enthusiasm comes through even given the enforced brevity.

Today, YALSA Board Candidate Franklin Escodebo.

Your current position and institution:’ 

I’m the Branch Manager of the Mission Branch Library in Oceanside, CA and I’ve been responsible 4 all teen services 4 my system for 5 yrs

Why did you decide to run for YALSA office?

I’ve observed the YALSA board 4 the past 4 years & I believe that I can help make a difference for the division & advocate 4 services

In a nutshell, what is your platform?

All library staff should be advocates 4 teens, YALSA should be helping shape this belief in all library staff by engaging library admin

What experiences have you had within the division?

Served on PPYA 4yrs, GLBT-RT Liaison to YALSA 4yrs, Nominating Com, President’s Program Com, Pres. Advisory & YA Lit Sym Eval Taskforce

What in your background makes you a good fit for this position?

I have a passion 4 YA services and libraries, I’ve been advocating 4 $ & space @OPL, I know this is challenge 4 all YA Librarians

What do you think is the most pressing issue facing YALSA?

Member engagement & retention

How can YALSA improve services to teens?

Getting Lib Admin 2 C the value of YA Librarians and services, & get them to push 4 the best

Should YALSA change their name? If so, to what?

I <3 the word Yalsa! Hmmm maybe FLA, Fun Librarian’s Association ?:)

What else do voters need to know about you?

I <3 Hello Kitty & Halloween, & I’m addicted to audiobooks!

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