You’ve seen’ the slate of candidates, but want to hear more from the nominees for YALSA President and the YALSA Board?’ We’ll be talking with those individuals this week and next here on the YALSAblog.

Candidates, who will be presented in alphabetical order, were asked to contain their responses to a twitter-ish 140 characters, but I know their enthusiasm comes through even given the enforced brevity.

Today, YALSA Board Candidate Krista McKenzie.

Your current position and institution

Instructional Librarian/Adjunct Professor, Garrett College, McHenry, MD

Why did you decide to run for YALSA office?

I have enjoyed wking w/YALSA & feel I can contribute a great deal 2 the Board, membership, & bring in new members to better serve yas.

In a nutshell, what is your platform?

Assist the board in developing programs, advocacy & services & increase their strength & quality 2 help those wrking w/ YAs & communities

What experiences have you had within the division?

I have chaired & have been a member of several process & adhoc committees & interest groups I have also been a member of an awards committee

What in your background makes you a good fit for this position?

I have wrked with yas in a pub. school, a pub. library & am now working in an acad. library giving me a broad understanding of member needs

What do you think is the most pressing issue facing YALSA?

Getting resources out there 2 YAs & those serving them & increasing the kinds/ quality of resources on budgets that r constantly decreasing

How can YALSA improve services to teens?

Keep reaching out 2 those serving YAs in all fields, staying ahead of trends, & continuously creating resources & educational opportunities.

Should YALSA change their name? If so, to what?

This is a big discussion across ALA. It is something that should be discussed w/the membership 4 input w/ thought given 2 YALSA’s branding.

What else do voters need to know about you?

I’m passionate & committed to YALSA & would love the opportunity 2 work w/ the board & the membership 2 continue 2 see it grow & strengthen


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