You’ve seen the slate of candidates, but want to hear more from the nominees for YALSA President and the YALSA Board?’ We’ve be talking with those individuals last week and this one here on the blog.

Candidates, presented in alphabetical order, were asked to contain their responses to a twitter-ish 140 characters, but I know their enthusiasm comes through even given the enforced brevity.

Today, YALSA President-Elect Candidate Sharon L. Rawlins.

Your current position and institution

Youth Services Consultant, NJ State Library

Why did you decide to run for YALSA office?

I’m crazy? I like a challenge; wanted to give back & support an organization I believe in because I have personally gained so much from it.

In a nutshell, what is your platform?

Inclusion Not Exclusion: Build membership; more diversity of membership & resources; create Pura Belpre award aimed for older teen readers

What experiences have you had within the division?

On Printz, Edwards Ctms; BBYA, BBYA Admin Assistant; YALSA Mentor; Nominating Ctm; Hub blogger; YALSA rep for ASCLA Accessibility Assembly

What in your background makes you a good fit for this position?

Learned childhood lessons well: I’m energetic; positive, adaptable; cooperative; nonjudgmental; & listen; compromise; work well with others

What do you think is the most pressing issue facing YALSA?

Staying relevant – advocacy; attracting new members who say they can’t afford the dues, don’t use YALSA’s resources, & hate login procedure

How can YALSA improve services to teens?

Get teens’ direct input; create teen liaisons to YALSA; more best practices that highlight their accomplishments; create more partnerships

Should YALSA change their name? If so, to what?

Yes. It doesn’t really say what it is. Prefer term “teen” to “young adult” TTSA – The Teen Services Association (rather than TSA)

What else do voters need to know about you?

It was fated I became a librarian b/c I played library as a kid. I enjoy learning new technology & love talking about YA books with teens.

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