by Clair Segal

As Teen Tech Week 2013 draws to a close, we hope you (and your teens) have had a great time celebrating technology’s place in the library. And like Kip mentioned, this week is more than just a week. The work you’ve done will continue to be important all year round; increasing your teen’s awareness of technology, and helping them to associate the library with tech. Just as you’re the go-to when they need a good manga, or an easy beach read, you can be the guru when they aren’t sure how to get this massive file from their computer to their smartphone or find an app that lets them walk and text without running into people.

A few thoughts as you wrap up:

-Share what worked and what didn’t work.‘ Just as no plan ever survives contact with the enemy, you can never tell how a program is going to go until your teens are actually participating. Maybe something you completely overlooked in your planning became their favorite part. Maybe a thing that you thought they would love was met with a lukewarm reception. Share your triumphs and tribulations on the Teen Tech Week Ning so other librarians can learn from them.

Promote your programming to the higher ups.’ You’ve put on some awesome programming this week; show it off. Even just putting together a brief Picasa slideshow of your teens interacting with tech can be a great promotion for your teens and your work. If you’ve got the time to put together something a little fancier, record your teens talking about their experiences this last week and add the audio track to the slideshow.

Keep tech alive. This week can be a great jumping off point for a year of tech awareness; don’t wait until next March to capitalize on the ground you’ve gained. Keep the library and technology intrinsically tied in the minds of your teen and your supervisors. Even something as simple as an “App of the Month/Week” display board or website section that you regularly update with selections and recommendations can be a great way to keep the buzz going long after Teen Tech Week 2013 is over.

About Teen Tech Week

Dawn Abron is the Teen Services Coordinator at the Zion-Benton Public Library in Zion, IL.

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