Have you planned, hosted, or simply thought about outreach programs for teens? How do you make your school visits unique?

What do you do for summer to fill out your Summer Reading Program calendar? Is it crafty? Outdoors-y?

Your ideas are the ones that get teens in your door, and that keep them coming back. Share those ideas with us so all library professionals serving teens can try them out. YALSA’s 365 Days of YA Task Force has been asking for programming ideas from you all since last fall, and we are in the home stretch. We have received ideas ranging from fun, passive, and educational, to zombie- and literature-themed. Thank you for your help!
With only 7 days left until we end our call for ideas, we are in need of programs to fill out the summer months as well as ideas for outreach. To give you an idea of some of the program ideas we have been sent:

– Create blackout poetry with old newspapers
– Play-doh sculpting: remember your childhood, but put a grown-up twist into your creation
– Try to break Guinness World Records
– Emergency Preparedness Month program: on a large blank sheet of paper as “what is in your bug-out bag?” Host a corresponding program with soldier or hiker who can give appropriate advice

Please email your ideas to 365daysofya@gmail.com’ 
Thank you for contributing to this collaborative project!



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