Although the 2013 spring election to select the new members of the Edwards, Nonfiction, and Printz Award Committees is still ongoing, members of the 2014 Award Nominating Committee — ‘ Joy Kim, Stephanie Anne Squicciarini, Patti Tjomsland, Rollie Welch, and Pam Spencer Holley — are already at work collecting and vetting viable candidates for next spring’s election. That process which will continue through August of this year, when candidate names will be submitted to the YALSA Board.

If you, or another YALSA member you know, would like to serve on one of those three award committees, then the first thing to do is:

1. ‘ View the websites for each of these awards to review their purpose and requirements.

2. Watch the free webinar about just what serving on an awards or selection committee entails

3. ‘ Read the YALS article, “How to Succeed on a YA Book Committee”

4. Talk to previous or current awards committee members

Still interested? Now see if you, or your nominee, can answer yes to the following questions:

Do I/does nominee…

  • work well with others?
  • have interest and extensive experience with young adult literature?
  • have enough free time away from work and family for all the reading and other demands?
  • have previous service on YALSA committees, preferably selection committees?
  • have no conflicts of interest in accordance with YALSA’s Award and Selection Committee Conflict of Interest Policy
  • possess good time management and organization skills
  • adhere to the highest ethical standards

If you’ve answered yes to all these questions, then it’s time to fill out an award committee nominating form, no later than June 30.

If selected to run, your name or that of your nominee would appear on the ballot for election in spring of 2014, for a term starting February 1, 2015.

Questions? Please contact the chair, Pam Spencer Holley.


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