Image Courtesy of Will Clayton on FlickrOn June 24, 2013, YALSA will’ celebrate’ it’s 56th anniversary and we want you to be a part of the festivities!In 1957, when YALSA was founded, it wasn’t the large organization we know today. Originally called the Young Adult Services Division (YASD), there are many things you would recognize in today’s organization. YASD was committed’ to librarians who served teens in all kinds of libraries and focused on selected booklists and a professional publication (a joint venture with ALSC). For 56 years YALSA has been committeed to serving and connecting young adult librarians, and this year we want to celebrate our organization’s accomplishments.

Every week, we will tell you about wonderful things YALSA has done, as well as ways that you can contribute to the celebration. The first thing on YALSA’s birthday wish list, is a’ contribution’ to the Friends of YALSA. FOY is responsible for wonderful scholarships and stipends for YALSA members like the Specturm Scholars the Leadership Endowment. A donation to FOY is a way to help YALSA members further themselves and move our profession forward.

Anniversaries are a’ reminiscent’ time, remember what has been accomplished, but they are also a time to look forward. Connect with a friend, and share your favorite YALSA tools, awards and’ memories, comment on this post and tell us what they are! Then each donate $28 for YALSA’s 56 years of service. Celebrate the old, while ringing in the new!

Keep an eye on the YALSA blog for more ways to celebrate YALSA’s birthday and find out what else is on the wishlist!

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