2 Thoughts on “An Update: YALSA’s Website Login

  1. disgruntled on June 4, 2013 at 12:24 pm said:

    The numbers you cite are disingenuous at best.

    Of those 44,000 emails that were collected, how many were valid? How many were unique? As a member, I often filled out the form because it was significantly easier and faster than logging into the site. By often, I mean easily 100 times. Are you counting each of those log-ins as a separate email collected, even though they’re all from the same person– an address YALSA already had?

    Also, how on earth does restricting access lead to an increase that size in to the page? That increase doesn’t pass the smell test. What other changes were made that could contribute to that increase? Also, the page you link to was one you could access without logging in. Did access to the actual lists go up or down?

  2. Thanks for continuing the conversation! I’m glad the board decided to leave the lists open. Despite the numbers (page views are always a tricky thing) I still believe the best way to raise the profile of the lists and especially awards is to provide open access.

    I think we should always keep in mind the paraprofessionals and others out there who work with teens for whom YALSA membership just isn’t financially viable. These are the folks who need the lists, probably more than the professional librarians. Extra member content is great, but this core information should be available to all.

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