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Platform: iOS (with Android coming soon)

Last week the creators of YouTube launched their latest project, MixBit. This new app, which is available for free for iOS and has an Android version on the way by the end of September, is focused on helping people to create, remix and share videos. At first, it might seem a bit like Vine, Cinemagram or the new Instagram video feature, but it offers some features that set it apart, such as the ability to record up to an hour worth of video and to combine multiple videos that you have created in the app, uploaded from your device or remixed from other MixBit users. As of now, some of this editing functionality is limited to the web-based version of the tool. For example, you can save content from other users and add it to your own projects only by finding it and selecting it on the web-based version of MixBit and you can currently only access the embed code for videos on the website as well.

Featured videos on MixBit

Featured videos on MixBit

But, despite this, you can still create lots of fun projects directly on your mobile device and once you have published videos that you create, they will appear in the mobile app. When you publish a project, you have the ability to make it publicly available to anyone online, available on a limited basis via link or leave it in draft format which will upload it to MixBit servers, but not make it public. And, even if you have made a clip public and it is remixed, you retain some control over it, as deleting a clip will delete it from all remixes it may appear in as well as the original source. This makes it potentially a bit problematic to rely on other users’ content for your own projects, but it is a nice feature for those who want to retain at least some control over their own works. If you publish a work on your mobile device, you will be presented with the option to share it on social media, including Facebook and Twitter, if you connect your account with those services.

Overall, MixBit has a lot of nice features and is clearly well thought out with usability in mind. When you access the app for the first time, you are presented with a short tutorial that walks you through the basic functionality of the app and you can easily refer back to that tutorial at any time if you have questions. On the MixBit website, there are additional tips in an FAQ and information about how to contact the company if you have questions or other feedback. I found most of the features to be very intuitive and I like the fact that you aren’t as limited to short clips as you are in many of the other video editing services that have become popular in recent months. I also really like the way that MixBit lets you incorporate other users’ content.

Right now MixBit makes it easiest to find recent or featured content, but I am hoping that in the future they will add additional search features to facilitate remixes and other collaborative uses of the app. I am also hoping that they will keep adding features from the web-based tool to the app as they continue to develop their mobile presence. But, even with these minor limitations, MixBit is a fun new addition to the video creation and editing space and one that I think will be enjoyed by users of all ages.

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