by Jane Gov (on behalf of the Publications Advisory Board)

Have you been told that you have great ideas and you should share it with the world? How about just a general urge to inspire other Teen Librarians? ‘ Help improve the future of teen services by sharing your expertise. ‘ Share your niche. Share your knowledge. ‘ Become a YALSA author!

Why should you publish? ‘ Besides just the satisfaction of seeing your name in print and sharing your knowledge with the library community, publishing with YALSA will increase your professional prominence and your access to YALSA’s vast communication network. ‘ Authors gain unique opportunities such as participating in book signings or presenting a program at ALA’s Annual Conference, the Young Adult Literature Symposium, and other Division conferences.

What’s great about publishing through YALSA is the built in community and recognition. ‘ YALSA publications have been well reviewed in the library community, and YALSA is the widely recognized authority on all matters relating to young adult library services. ‘ When authors publish with YALSA, they have the support of YALSA staff, who are friendly, knowledgeable and reliable. ‘ They can answer your questions, provide research assistance and more.

Finally–and it’s the most important reason of all to publish–we need it! ‘ We need professionals like you to ensure that teen services specialists have access to excellent resources. ‘ By publishing through YALSA, you are not only enriching the field of young adult library services but are contributing to YALSA’s continual support to its members. If you write a book with YALSA, not only do you get paid, but the income generated helps YALSA provide ‘ services to its members.

Not sure where there’s a publication need? ‘ There’s been some discussion among the members of the Publications Advisory Board of a need for books about tried and true marketing methods for teen librarians, serving LGBTQ teens, and serving multicultural youth. ‘ These are of course, just a tiny fraction of topics to explore.

So what do you think? ‘ Want to publish with YALSA? ‘ Contact the Chair of the YALSA Publications Advisory Board to discuss your ideas, options or questions, Sarah Flowers:


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