Title: Explain a Website
Cost: $.99
Platform: iOS 5 or later – iPad compatible

About two years ago I reviewed Explain Everything, a great app for iPads and Android tablets that gives users the ability to create videos comprised of images, screenshots, and more. While I love Explain Everything it wasn’t all that I wanted it to be. I was still looking for an easy to use app that made it possible to create screencasts that showed how to use websites. And showed that by recording actual screen movements, navigation from page to page, and so on.

That is why I was really happy when I discovered Explain a Website. It’s exactly what I was looking for. As you’ll see in the video below using Explain a Website users can screencast web content straight from an iPad.

As the screencast shows Explain a Website comes with some useful tools – highlighting, drawing, and laser pointer – which makes it an even better app then I expected. You can also share on YouTube and save locally or to cloud storage like DropBox.

Explain a Website is a great way for you and teens to make screencasts to explain how to use websites or to show off favorite websites and tools.

You can also watch the screencast made with Explain a Website as a part of the app review video.

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About Linda W Braun

Linda W Braun is a YALSA Past President, the YALSA CE Consultant, and a learning consultant/project management coordinator at LEO: Librarians & Educators Online.

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