Title:’ ‘ Wallpapers 2

Cost:’ Free

Platform:’ iOS 7.0 or later

Wallpapers 2 (which, as recentlly as last week, was known as’ ScreenMotion iOS7)‘ is a teen-recommended solution to a teen-voiced conundrum. Why don’t you have the ability to “zoom out” when you set a picture as your iPhone wallpaper? Too much can get lost, cropped out by that process.

ScreenMotion lock screen preview

Wallpapers 2 lock screen preview

As one student told another about the free app with a range of art optimized for iOS7 devices, I downloaded it as well. There are hundreds (at the least) of very attractive HD pictures, ranging from pets and nature to cityscapes and abstract digital images. I didn’t see any that weren’t “school appropriate,” though the advertising is a little bit spicier.

The recent update increased the advertising options from subtle links at the bottom of the screen to links at both top and bottom and a pop-up ad after download, but also offers an ad-free version for $.99 in-app purchase. The newest version also works with the 6.0 release of the iOS software.

Some photo options (with advertising at bottom)

Some photo options (with advertising at bottom)

Some, but not all, of the photos are credited, and you can download an image to your camera roll in one touch. It’s perfect for the sometimes-fickle, always-visual teens you serve.

ScreenMotion home screen preview

Wallpapers 2 home screen preview

Perhaps Wallpapers 2’s best feature is the ability to fully preview the image as it will appear with icons on top, as either a lock or home screen before you make that change, something Apple would do well to note.

And, despite its earlier name,‘ Wallpapers 2‘ doesn’t have anything to do with the sometimes-vertiginous motion of iOS7’s “parallax effect,” where icons and alerts zoom about (and to turn that off, choose “Reduce Motion” under “Settings” and “Accessibility.”)

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