Librarians can be modest about their accomplishments, but shining light on your great teen programs can be a great advocacy activity. And don’t you know someone who can use some recognition for their hard work for YALSA? The deadline for many of YALSA’s recognition and awards is fast approaching.

YALSA Volunteer of the Year Awards

This was new last year and acknowledges the contributions of YALSA members who have demonstrated outstanding service to the mission, goals and work of YALSA during a given service year. There are’ three categories:

  • Chair: leadership of an advisory board, jury, committee or task force
  • Appointed Member: contributions within an advisory board, jury, committee or task force
  • Group: work conducted as a whole by an advisory board, jury, committee or task force

The recognition includes a one year membership to YALSA and a commemorative certificate for each category’s winner(s).’  If you know of an individual or an entire committee/jury/taskforce/advisory board that has done a great job on a project for YALSA this year, please take a few minutes to nominate them using’ this’ online form.

ABC-CLIO/Greenwood/YALSA Service to Young Adults Achievement Award

This grant of $2,000′ is funded by ABC-CLIO/Greenwood and is given out every other year’ (applications are accepted during odd years only).’  The grant recognizes a member who has demonstrated unique and sustained devotion to young adult services through substantial work in any two or more of these initiatives:

  • The promotion of library services for young adults
  • Conducting and publishing research for young adults
  • Publication or presentation of knowledge or best practices relating to young adult literature or library services for young adults
  • Advocating for young adult literature or library services for young adults
  • Mentoring of other professionals in the field of young adult literature or library services
  • Notable efforts in furthering the mission of YALSA

One recipient will be designated every two years. If a suitable candidate is not found, the jury will remain active and present an award the following year.’ Do you know an individual who has made a significant contribution to YALSA at some point in the past and who could use $2,000?’  Sure you do!’  Nominations could be for a particular activity, or for an body of work/achievement that they have done for YALSA over time. Nomination forms are here.

The deadline to apply for both awards, as well as many other YALSA honors, is Dec. 1st.

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