With December drawling to a close, now is the perfect time to reflect on some GREAT programs done in the last year.  The list is mainly from the YALSA blog, but I’ve included some outside sources as well.

Anime Fest: This event is geared to bring Otakus together and teach teens about the Japanese culture. Some of the activities they plan include anime ear headbands, eating with chopsticks, suminagashi art, and dressing in yukatas.

Cupcake Wars: Cupcake decorating with a twist. Teens are asked to use a book as inspiration to decorate their cupcake using only four ingredients.

Digital Camera Scavenger Hunt: A fun photo scavenger hunt that sends teens outside of the library. Not only does it sound like a lot of fun, but it gets the word about the program out into the community.

DJ Mixing: Let your teens experience being a DJ by mixing and scratching using a DJ Mixer & iTunes/Mix Vibes Plus. Great way to pull in boys and non-regulars.

Doctor Who: Not an actual program, but there are tons of crafts, games, & decoration ideas to make an awesome Doctor Who event.

Humans vs. Zombies: Zombies are a HUGE hit with teens right now. This event breaks down how to do a tag game where teen zombies are on a mission to turn the humans into zombies. There is also a Doctor Who twist if your teens are Whovians.

Myth Busters: Who doesn’t want to prove if a theory is a myth or not. This one is perfect for tweens and getting them excited and thinking about science experiments.

Origami Yoda: Another program that would work well with tweens and has a book tie-in. Origami can be a little scary, but the author has lots of great resources to make this program a success.

Passive Programming for Tweens: Do you find that your Tweens are too busy to attend programs? Maybe these passive programs (I Spy display or scavenger hunts) will spark their interests.

QR Codes Passive Programming: A great way to introduce teens to QR codes and technology. Teens had to hunt for QR codes in order to answer various questions.

Slender Night: Live action Slender Man? Count me in! Teens had to find all 8 pages before Slender Man could tag them out (2012 Excellence in Library Services to Young Adults Program Award Winner)

Spy Games: Test your teen/tweens abilities with this spy program. See if they have the skills to make it through various missions like balloon minefields and laser obstacle course.

Teen Fashion Show part 1, part 2: Teen Fashion Apprentice workshop that gives teens the opportunity to work with professionals and learn more about the fashion career. Teens can learn all aspects of the fashion field, including how to do a runway walk, that builds up to a Teen Fashion Week. (2012 Excellence in Library Services to Young Adults Program Award Winner)

Very Mysterious Summer Reading Program: An interactive clue-like summer reading. The teens came up with a script, videos, and clues that would send summer reading participants on hunt to find who-dun-it.

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