Title: Nearpod
Cost: Free, though many slidedecks are available as supplemental purchases
Platform: iOS and Android

As enthusiastic about tablets as I happen to be, I’ve been leery of the educational technologists suggesting mobile devices can replace more robust computers for teaching and learning. Nearpod was, quite frankly, the first tablet-based technology to make me gasp at its possibilities.

The backend is not unlike slideshare — you upload your files and publish them through the nearpod interface, and have the ability to embed assessments, too. A “live” session generate a PIN for students to follow along, and stydent viewers are visible in-app from a roster. Nearpod instructors have persistent access to anything uploaded into their library, but you can also purchase NPPs, sets of canned presentations on curricular topics, for an average of $10 for 12 in themed collections.

It’s the real-time teacher-to-student information pushing which makes Nearpod so valuable. When teachers run the instructor software, they can push particular slides or notations to the paired student application, as well as monitor multiple student devices from one screen.

I can think of SO many potential uses for this in school libraries. Modeling appropriate citation? Provide the component parts, have students craft their own, then share a properly constructed attribution. Teaching a new tech tool? Break it into steps with screen shots from the interface, then push the appropriate instructions to students at their point-of-need.

There are subscription packages available, starting at $10 a month, which include the ability to output csv files for assessment capabilities that allow you to assign and collect “homework” through the app.

One of the best aspects of Nearpod is its easy integration across a range of devices, from the desktop version to the legibility of the interface on cell phones. Its platform-agnostic for all internet connected devices, perfect for BYOD environments, and only the teacher version requires a tablet or PC.

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  1. Hi Wendy! We really appreciate this post. It’s really rewarding when our users help us spread the word on Nearpod. For us, it’s confirmation that we are on the right path. We hope that Nearpod keeps on helping you to prepare engaging and interactive presentations. Hope to hear from you again!

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