Philadelphia weather tends to be coldest in January, and snow is always a possibility. As long as you are prepared with warm, layered clothing, it won’t hinder your ability to go out and have fun in our wonderful historic city. The arts and sports are celebrated in equal measure in the “City of Brotherly Love,” a nickname that comes from the Greek roots of the city’s name, adelphi (brother) and phila (love). The week of MW there will be activities to satisfy both art and sports interests.

Professional sports fanatics can catch the Philadelphia 76ers taking on the Phoenix Suns on the 27th or the Philadelphia Flyers winging pucks across the ice against the Deroit Red Wings on the 28th.

If you want to strap on your own pair of skates, there is a rink at The Piazza, The Piazza is in a hip and trendy area of town and also hosts a limited amount of boutique shopping, upscale, trendy eating, and local galleries.

Art is embedded in the culture of Philadelphia. from the amazing murals throughout the city to the world-renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art. The museum will have an exhibit featuring art from its Surrealist collection on view through March in the Pearlman Building which is located about a block from the main museum.

Theater lovers can catch Jon Robert Baitz’s “Other Desert Cities” through the 31st. This thought provoking play won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. It explores the complex dynamic of a family confronting opposing political viewpoints and tragedy. Contact the Walnut Street Theater for info and tickets.

Popular music fans can see Jay-Z in concert on the 29th…if tickets can still be found! There are a variety of online ticket sellers to check. I usually use TicketMaster and have never had any issues.

If you can stay through the weekend after MW, you can view some speed eating history at the 2014 Wing Bowl on Saturday the 31st. Last year’s champ ate 337 wings, taking the crown from a 3-year reigning champ. If you are wondering what could possibly be interesting about such an event, check out the article on a medical study performed on a speed eater at

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