Title: Command-C
Cost: $3.99 for use on all devices
Platform: iOS and MAC OS 10.8 or later

command c logoHave the teens you work with ever copied something on an iPad or iPhone and wanted to take that thing they’ve copied – text or an image – and paste it into a document on a library or their own MAC computer? Have you ever wanted to do that? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, then Command-C is an app for you to check out.

In order to use Command-C the app needs to be added to all devices that will be involved. That means I have the app on my iPad, my iPhone, and my laptop. Once the app is installed the devices have to be synched. That means I have to tell my iPad, iPhone, and laptop to talk to each other in the app. It’s a pretty simple and quick process and the on-screen directions are clear and easy to follow.

The video below, produced by the developer, shows how the app works.

Once the app is installed the sharing of a clipboard can begin. Imagine a teen is working on a project on an iPad and has found text he or she wants to use in a paper that is saved in Word on a computer in the library or at home. He copies that text using the traditional iDevice steps and then opens up the Command-C app. He selects the device he wants to share the text to – a computer in this case – and the text is shared wirelessly with that device. Then, he opens the paper on the computer and uses the paste shortcut to add the text he found on the iPad to his work.

This could work best for teens who are working on multiple devices at home. Consider the teen who is working on a project on a tablet in one area of her house and wants to paste information she finds to a computer in another part of the house. Command-C is perfect. It can be harder to use in public and school libraries since a specific computer has to be synched to an iDevice. And, the devices have to be on the same wireless network. A teen could copy something while using a device in school and paste from that device to a computer used at home once she gets home.

For some this might seem like an exercise that is above and beyond what’s really necessary to be able to do. But, have a conversation with your teens. Do they sometimes need to do this type of sharing among the devices in their lives? If so, then Command-C would be a perfect app for them to know about.

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