Statewide programs connecting all points in Hawaii

Hawaii State Public Library System (HSPLS) is the only library system in the United States that covers an entire state including 6 islands. Recently our State Library celebrated its 100th birthday.hawaii_jump

Statewide programs are very popular with our teens. The summer reading finale has become a highlight of the summer. If a student enrolls in the program his/her name is put in a drawing. One name is pulled from each of the twenty-five libraries on Oahu. The winners then go a local mall where it is set up to look like the television program Deal or No Deal. Instead of suitcases the prizes are put in Pizza Hut boxes. (Pizza Hut is our corporate sponsor)’  As the student’s name is called they pick a number for the box. Everyone is a winner.hawaii

The library encourages reading and writing. We have supported the “Letters About Literacy’ writing project, sponsored by the Library of Congress. Students from 4th to 12th grade write to an author living or dead and tell them how a book has changed or affected their lives. Letters are sent to Washington D.C. for initial judging. Semifinalist letters are sent back to us where we choose a winner in each of three grade levels. Those letters are sent back for national judging. We have had a ceremony in our library for state winners who get certificates and prize money.

Hawaii State Public Library System has also started a new program where laptop computers are now available for check out. Teens as well as our other patrons have enjoy this new service as they can use wifi or the Sprint card to access Internet, do their homework, and write papers. They can borrow computers for up to three weeks.

Submitted by Edna Weeks, Young Adult Services Coordinator Oahu

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