Now through June 1st YALSA is collecting volunteer forms for the Edwards, Nonfiction and Printz Award Committees that will begin work Feb. 1st, 2015.’  These committees are partially filled by elected spots and partially filled by appointed spots.’  The election going on now will determine who will fill the elected spots on the committees.’  After the election results are announced on May 2nd, Chris Shoemaker will then need to fill the remaining appointed positions.’  If you are interested in one of these committees, the first thing to do is learn all about what the expectations are for committee members.’  These resources can help:

YALSA is seeking individuals with the highest ethical standards, a passion for YALSA’s mission and expertise in evaluating YA literature to serve on these committees.’  If you feel you have meet the criteria and have the time available to serve on one of these YALSA award committees, you are encouraged to fill out the Committee Volunteer Form between now and June 1st at ‘ In order to be eligible to serve on a YALSA committee, you must be a current personal member.’  To learn more about membership, or to join, go to’  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Chris at

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