SRPgiftpackYALSA’s third discussion activity for its 100 Days till Summer Countdown will take place’ this Friday, May 2, 2014. The topic for this time’s discussion activity is “Building Summer Learning into Existing Summer Reading Programs”.

The discussion activity will take place on YALSA’s Summer Reading & Learning website. The discussion activity will be a daylong event. Interested participants are encouraged to create an account if they haven’t already, and log on any time on May 2nd and share with other educators, librarians, library workers, etc, their advice and experiences on how to incorporate summer learning into summer reading programs. A forum space with the aforementioned topic in the header will be created on the day of the discussion activity, on the Summer Reading & Learning website. This will be the designated space for participants to share their responses and discussions.

First time visitors to the Summer Reading & Learning website are encouraged to browse around the website for helpful summer reading related resources such as marketing tips, promotion materials, grant opportunities, and more. To stay up to date with the latest news and resources, visitors are encouraged to create an account and become an online community member.

We hope you all can join us for the discussion activity (and remember to tell your fellow co-workers and educators to join in as well!). Who knows, you may even win a cool YALSA swag pack like the one pictured for participating!

For more information about the discussion activities, and to view previous discussion activities, please visit the Summer Reading & Learning website.

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