Moju LogoTitle: Moju
Platform: iOS
Cost: Free

The best apps for mobile devices are generally those that take advantage of the features inherent in smartphones and tablets. Often this leads to apps that integrate with your device’s camera or accelerometer/gyroscope, but in the case of Moju, the app takes advantage of both to create a unique animation for images. By combining up to 24 separate photos, Moju creates images that change as you turn your iPhone to create the effect of an animation.

To start creating these unique animations, you simply tap the camera icon in the upper right corner. This will take you to a separate page that has a grid displaying your camera’s view at the top of the screen and a large blue button underneath it. A small wrench icon at the bottom of the display allows you to flip the camera so you can take an animated selfie, remove the gridlines from the display or restart your photo if you don’t like your first attempt.

Once you are ready to start your animation, you can take up to 24 pictures that will be combined into a single animated image. You can either do this by tapping the blue dot once for each picture you want to take or you can touch and hold the blue dot to take 24 pictures in quick succession. After you have the images that you want combined into an animation, you can tap next to preview it and pick any of twelve filters (all named for astronomical bodies). Tapping next again after that gives you the option to write a caption, decide whether make the animation public or private, and post to Facebook or Twitter.

Moju ScreenshotPosted animations appear in the Moju app’s stream and from there you can like or comment on animations or change the privacy setting or caption of your own animations. You can also share animations on Facebook, Twitter, email, or via URL from within the Moju app. While the animations work best on an iPhone, since they then move only when the device is turned, they can also be viewed on any browser. When viewed in browsers, animations move automatically or when you move your mouse. Moju is a fun new take on photo apps and it is definitely worth trying out.

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