App: Lumosity Mobile
Cost: Free with subscription available
Platform: iOS 5.1 or later

Lumosity Mobile logoEver think that your brain needs an extra boost? Maybe you took a recent vocabulary test and realized your focus was lacking; maybe you would like to improve your attention. The brain training app recently released by Lumos Labs, Inc. can help you to achieve this.

Before beginning, you must first set up an account through Lumosity. During this account setup, you will be asked what certain areas you would like to improve: multitasking abilities? Better memory? Based on your answers the app will create a “brain workout” for you—one that you can specifically coordinate to your schedule. For example, if you only have spare time on the weekends, you can make your Lumosity app brain training schedule fit your weekend schedule. After the account setup, you can manage your brain workout schedule in the main menu under “Reminders.” You can set the days of the week and even the time for when you would like to train your brain.

In the main menu area, you can log in and out of your account. When you first log in, a screen with your name and a “start workout” button will appear. After clicking on this button, you can play at least five brain games to get your Brain Performance Index (BPI). Based on the account setup questions you answered earlier, this app will deliver games tailored to your needs. Because of this, the games you play will be completely different from those a friend may play.

Once you start your “workout”, your first brain game will pop up with a description of how it is designed to help you, your best score, and a “play” button. The app will proceed to lead you through a series of instructions before you can jump right in and start training your brain! And if you’re wondering whether this app truly improves your brain…why not download it and find out?

While the basics are the same across the free-version and the paid-version, the paid-version obviously has more available to it than the free-version. Subscribers to Lumosity have full access to all games, training curricula, and progress monitoring tools. However, the free-version will still provide a good brain workout even with its limited access!

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