Greetings, all! For those of you who traveled to Annual, I’m hoping you’ve recovered from the high temperatures, the hot winds, the pervasive smoke, and the ding-ding-ding of casino machines. If you didn’t travel to Las Vegas, just remember the YA Symposium is coming up in November, and Austin is not a desert, presents more opportunities to mingle with colleagues passionate about youth services, and doesn’t require as much walking around in a convention center. Plus, migas!

I wanted to call your attention to a couple of significant policies that will impact your work as committee members and leaders. At Annual 2014, the Board confirmed an update to the YALSA Social Media Policy, and adopted an Ethical Behavior Policy which sets expectations for YALSA committee members and leaders, as well as providing information about what those leaders and members can expect from YALSA. Both documents recognize the increasing impact social media has on both professional identity and networking, and helps set standards which ensure the integrity and enjoyment of all the work both members and YALSA perform.

The revised social media policy includes a helpful FAQ to help address questions or concerns members might have, especially about reviews and online work. Please read through it, and then feel free to contact me for more information. Feedback so far shows that members are excited to go outside of their traditional reviewing zone and explore new content that isn’t eligible for the award on which’  they are serving.

YALSA’s new Ethical Behavior Policy sets out clear expectations for members, letting them see what they need to do to prepare for their term on a committee, as well as bringing together information about ways YALSA helps committees work successfully. By communicating the standards in advance, members are able to prepare for the committee workload, know who to reach out to in order to get questions answered or receive assistance, and generally have a productive and enjoyable committee experience.’  This policy also outlines what YALSA will do for members in terms of supporting members’ work, providing training, and providing other assistance.

Thanks to all who reached out with questions and feedback, and thank you for being willing to serve as members and leaders in YALSA.’  Watch this space for more updates and debriefs from Annual 2014, as well as information on all the other projects the Board is working on.

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I'm a YALSA Past President. I blog about YA programming, technology instruction for people interested in teen services, and YALSA governance stuff. I like baking and dislike humidity.

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