Title: Learnist
Cost: Free, with some premium boards as in-app purchases
Platform: iOS and Android

Learnist offers bite-sized learning, ranging from to academic topics to pop culture, with lots of food and DIY step-by-steps to mix things up.

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There are a lot of these user-generated learning platforms around, many with big name content tie-ins. Learnist is like Instructables, but with a better user interface, or Curious, but with more free content.

You do have to sign up for an account and verify your email to get started. It’s an altogether pleasant experience, swiping through the stages or steps of a learnist “lesson.” It works well on a smaller screen, and is ideal for browsing on horizontally-oriented tablets. To discover boards, you can browse recommendations, hyperlink to other board by particular experts, or explore boards by category.

You can follow a particular Learnist expert (and some big players, including BBC and Discovery, are using Learnist to puh content), save a Learnist topic to your reading list, share each Learning using social networking.


I’m really excited about using Learnist as a publishing platform. For me, it’s an ideal way for visually-oriented students to share their learning. It’s easy to create a board, thereby becoming a “content expert.” Each board is populated with the “learnings” displayed in the collapsed menu. The Learnist board creation platform (limited to computer interface now) makes nesting citations, adding images, linking to webpages easy.

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I could also see this really taking off among librarians looking for programming and display “how-tos” beyond a Pinterest pin, or for teachers as a way to share lesson plans, too.

Access to premium boards seems to cost a consistent $1. You can pay to learn how “to thrive” from
Arianna Huffington, which is a little ironic that someone who famously doesn’t feel the need to pay contributors is asking for cash for her own work.

These were the top paid boards as of a few weeks ago. Note how many are by celebrities:

1. Kari Byron’s 11 Science Experiments To Do With Your Kids board
2. Gus Van Sant’s Creativity in Filmmaking and the Arts
3. Brad Meltzer’s How To Get Your Book Published board
4. Arianna Huffington Teaches Us to THRIVE!
5. Danny Forster’s 10 Architecture Lessons You Won’t Get In School
6. Olivia Wilde’s The Women I’ve Learned The Most From board

I defy you not to find something in Learnist that you want to know more about…

There are lots more great apps in our App of the Week Archive, and if you want to suggest an app, let us know!

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