We hear a lot about television marathons, running marathons and sometimes dance marathons but what about reading marathons? Well, we now have National Readathon Day. On January 24th, people from all over will be reading from noon to 4pm. Have you jumped on the chance to use this as a program? If so, comment below and let us know. There is also another readathon called Bout of Books. These are week long marathons that occur multiple times a year. If you have tried a reading marathon, what works for you? Do you read the same books or do your teens choose their own books? Comment below with your answers. Set goals, for example tell yourself that your going to read 345 pages in 4 hours or that you are going to read 4 books during the week of your marathon. Are there any other reading marathons or library related marathons you’d like to share?

About Lindsay Place

Hi there! I'm Lindsay and I am a Teen Lead Librarian for Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. I have worked in libraries for 10 years and a Librarian for 4 years. I couldn't ask for a better job where I get to work with patrons that keep me young!

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